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Sam Kaiser

Sam Kaiser is a singer/songwriter originally from Silver Spring, Maryland. He has lived in Boulder and Durango, CO, Running Springs and Yosemite, CA, before moving to Rochester, NY, playing music along the way. His first band was Urban Lobster Claws with friend and co-founder Ryan Hill. In Durango, CO Kaiser put together musicians into The Vagabonds and The Offshift, to great results. Rochester, NY means a new cast of characters and talented musicians. He also plays shows with a loop pedal to create full-set sounds.

The Wilderness Party


Wilderness represents a commitment to harmonious coexistence with nature, as it exists outside of human design. Wilderness is used in society's landscape of symbolism to represent the existential other, the darkness that exists outside the border of our well-lit comfort zones. Protagonists journey into the wilderness for perspective, wisdom, and transformation. Thus wilderness as ecology and metaphor are intertwined. Party represents a commitment to authentic collectivity, a gathering of people face to face that creates true culture and shared experience. If one wants to make societal change, they can either attempt to alter institutions themselves, or transform the culture of those individuals that make up said institutions. Thus, 'Party' is also a nod to political party. 

What parts of society does the Wilderness Party seek to change? The content is in the songs. Go to the 'Music' tab or come to a live show to dive into treatises on wilderness, alienation, emotional vulnerability, environmental degradation, existential angst, the fall of Western society, and The American Exceptionalism Complex .

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